DIY Birthday Letter Donuts

This blog post is a bit late, but I wanted to make sure I shared it here! With our BFF Kristi's birthday coming up, we decided to surprise her with these yummy (surprisingly) and Instagram worthy (very important) donuts! I always see these donuts from California Donuts all over Pinterest and Instagram.  However, I can't seem to find a bakery here in Hawaii that does these kind of donuts! So, we decided to do it ourselves and I'm pretty proud on how they turned out. :)  

Materials/Ingredients Needed:
- Letter cookie cutters
- Pillsbury biscuit dough
- Canola oil
- Sprinkles
- Icing/glaze: ½ cup melted butter, ¼ cup milk, 2 ½ cups confectioner sugar, Vanilla Extract, 1 tbsp light corn syrup, food coloring (to your liking) *YES I forgot to mention milk in the video!!!

See our little birthday surprise for Kristi along with other fun stuff in my very first (official) vlog! :)
VLOG 1: Bowling, dinner(s) with friends, & Kristi's Birthday! ♡