Giant Balloon Tassels: 3 Ways

If you’re looking for ways to decorate with these giant balloons, look no further because I’ll be sharing three quick ways you could jazz up these balloons for any party, occasion, or wedding!

For the first idea, we have the gold tassel.  I recycled this gold foil fringe curtain from a previous party and thought it’d look great with the white balloons.  I folded and rolled the curtain at the top and taped it secure.  You can leave this as is, but I wanted to add more to it.  I added two strips of gold streamers and used my glue gun to secure it at the top.  I also added two strips of gold ribbon.  Make sure to leave a few inches of ribbon out so that you’re able to tie it to the giant balloon once it’s inflated. 

For the second idea, we have the star garland.  Take a piece of string and measure it to however long you want the garland to drop.  Using these silver star cut-outs, I added a bit of hot glue to the middle and sandwiched the string between two stars.  The garland was about a yard long and I made four garlands and tied them together at the top.  Remember to leave a bit of string out to tie to the balloon!  We filled up our balloons at a local drug store but you can easily buy your own helium tank and fill it up that way.  It’s crazy how these balloons can get as large as 36 inches! Keep in mind that since these giant balloons carry more helium, the tassels you attach can be fairly heavy, but not too heavy, if you know what I mean. Oh, and side tip: it takes two people to tie the balloon shut, haha.

For the third idea, we have the gold-painted balloons.  This has to be done after your balloons are inflated.  Using gold paint and a sponge brush, I painted a heart and the letters “XO”. I let that dry for a few minutes and then went in with a second layer of paint.  It may take more than two layers, depending on how opaque you want it.  But overall, the gold paint brush strokes looked great on the white balloons and even matched the gold tassels perfectly!

And there ya have it! Three super easy ways you can jazz up these giant balloons so that they can make a statement as your party decorations, centerpieces, or even just a prop for cute pictures!

Materials Used: