Burger Bar | Summer BBQ Ideas

Burgers with my BBQ-ties

Burgers were the main thing on our menu, so I wanted to DIY a little something (...because really, when am I not wanting to do something extra).  So just with a white table cover and a sharpie, I came up with the Burger Bar!!!

I first laid out all the plates we would be using then sketched out a quick design.  I knew where I wanted to place the buns, patties, toppings, and condiments so I drew around those areas.  I then added doodles and drawings like avocados, cheese, and mini burgers.  And for the condiments, I labeled them with popsicle sticks.  Unfortunately, Sriracha did not have it's own bowl.

Food stations are soooo fun and this Burger Bar took no time at all!  Now, cue the montage:

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