Celebrating Firsts


I've created decorations, favors, and Pinterest-inspired parties nearly a dozen times for family and relatives.  For someone outside of my family to ask me to create something, that's a first.  With Confeteti Events, my initial intent was to focus on wedding and event planning.  However, I'm also known for having a knack for bringing Pinterest to life and creating the cutest set-ups for any occasion.  So if someone were to ask for a little help on decor, I wouldn't hesitate! 

It took a few trials and rearrangements to get the final look, but I knew I'd love any outcome since pink and gold is my fave color combo.  For my first backdrop request from a client, I think I did pretty well!  I look forward to build on this experience to create grand and elegant decor in the future. 

Here's a few pics of the backdrop I made for a little princess named Jayzielle.  Want more ideas for princess-themed backdrops?  Check out my Pinterest board here.

In addition to the gorgeous paper flowers, I enjoyed making a Snapchat Geofilter for the party.  Snapchat is the platform to be on and I could go on and on about the attention it gets every day (that's the marketing geek in me).  Especially after reading this blog post, I decided to incorporate it as a marketing tool myself.  Snapchat makes it very easy to create a filter for any event.  It's a feature I'd recommend everyone to use at their upcoming events, both social and business.

To end off this post, enjoy this video of the whole set-up process. Disclaimer: it did not take me 30 seconds to set up. ;)