Confêteti Events Relaunch | August 2017

Whether you were directed here by my numerous social media posts or you were just snoopin' by my website to see what I'm all about, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Those who know me personally know I am a purrr-fect-ion-isssst.  It takes a lot in me to put out something creative...and when I do, I always think to myself, "I can do better next time."  But after the months of niching down and honing in on my mission, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.  

A brand, a blog, my biz name, my baby

So I present to you: Confêteti Events.  This is a brand, a blog, my biz name, and my baby.  As a brand, it represents the dreamers, go-getters, Pinterest-lovers, and the inner party planners (in you).  As a blog, it contains DIY and Lifestyle content -- from DIY entertaining ideas to some of my fave picks around Hawaii.  As a biz name, well, this is self-explanatory.  It's the name on my business cards with the subscript "Event Planner & Decorator"...ya know, just to be super official, haha.  And yes, it's my baby and I'm excited to watch it grow. *metaphorically*

I remember when Confêteti Events was just an idea.  But when this idea brought along a million more ideas, I grabbed a white poster board and literally jotted down all my ideas from what kinds of colors, words, pictures, and videos I wanted to see.  I cannot wait to share that dream board of mine in the future. :)  But for now, I thought I'd share my brand board I made thanks to a template I found on Pinterest.  This was super helpful and I know it'll be useful for those of you who aspire to start a brand/blog/what-have-you. :)

MY youtube

Let's talk about YouTube.  Starting a channel has always crossed my mind but I never acted on it.  After much success from this video, I thought, "hey, there's a lot more I could definitely share".  You'll notice that nearly all my blog posts will be parallel to my videos but will include more deetz like pictures, Pinterest links, and Amazon links.  After creating a massive content calendar till the end of the year, I decided that I'll be posting a video every Sunday.  Don't be surprised if I sometimes post twice a week, because I tend to get ahead of myself, hehe.  Oh! And check out my FAQs for some questions fam & friends generally ask me.  I'm no professional videographer, but editing sure is fun. :)


If you made it to the end of this post, a big MAHALO to you! ♥  I hope you join in on the fun because it's going to get exciting here on out.  You can stay updated with me on my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you name it.  If you're interested in booking me as your event/wedding planner or decorator, simply fill out an Inquiry Form here.   

Well, that's my little spiel.  Cheers to a successful relaunch and a strong finish to 2017! :)